About Bill Schieber

Bill Schieber born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. Started my youth in the K&A section of Philly then finally moved to the Great Northeast. Attended schools at Our Lady of Calvalry and High school at George Washington High. I joined the Military and served for over 6 years active service.

After my time in the service I returned to Philly and found employment at Atlantic Aviation based in Wilmington, De where I worked on aircraft as an aircraft electrician and avionics systems. After working the floor for many years I ended up in avionics sales also at Atlantic Aviation. Since business at that time was slowing, I joined CAL Corporation based in Ottawa, Canada. My duties included all sales in the US for satcom systems.

Sales were slow since the satcom product was new at the time and ofcourse expensive. I then joined Astra Jet Corporation as a Tech Rep for the IAII product line including the 1121, 1123, 1124 and Astra aircraft. I spent 4 years there and finally the company was bought by Galaxy Aerospace and re-located the company to Texas. I decided not to take the move, Galaxy was finally bought by Gulfstream Aerospace.

I went back to Atlantic Aviation for a very short time before being picked up by FlightSafety International. I spent 7 years as the primary instructor for the 1124 and Astra aircraft. I also developed and taught the G4 avionics and advanced troubleshooting including digital and analog circuits. I also designed and built the first Astra flap/slat simulator. I spent many hours teaching Gulfstream technicians troubleshooting procedures on this system. FlightSafety finally decided to move the operation to Dallas, Texas. I declined the move.

I left FlightSafety and developed courseware with HTA Aviation teaching students of the Air National Guard troubleshooting procedures for the Astra flap/slat system. Once completed with HTA I attended casino gambling school to receive my NJ gaming license. After this was completed I was picked up by Honeywell Aerospace as a Field Service Engineer covering Eastern Pa, New Jersey and Delaware where I am currently employed. My duties are to assist technicians in the field with avionics issues.


My main hobbies are varied, I love to fish, dancing to the 70's and 80's music, working with the computer and Chinese Kung Fu ( Shaolin Style ). I also volunteer to work with young people addicted to substance abuse.


Basic electricity and electronics from the Military. Advanced electronics from the Military. Digital and Microproccesor technology from RETS electronic schools. Numerous schools during FlightSafety and Honeywell employment.

Computer Language Skills

Assembly Language
Java Script